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Proindia Football Analytics-Step Out

Proindia -StepOut, an online sports ecosystem, dedicated to revolutionising how sports are played and analysed.

Our next-generation analytics and management system, powered by advanced data science, machine learning and artificial intelligence helps academies bring out the best in their players.

services mainly consist of two verticles, StepOut Sense and StepOut Spotlight.  

StepOut Sense is the analytical and statistical wing of our online sports ecosystem which aims to provide deep insights of the game to players, academies, coaches and football organisations with the help of advanced machine learning, AI and data science. Here at StepOut, we have worked with several coaches, scouts, sports’ gurus, statisticians, mathematicians, data analysts, engineers so as to develop algorithms which will provide players, team owners, academies with a deeper insight of the game assisted by our elite R&D team, allowing us to continually innovate and deliver cutting-edge solutions for the modern-day sports industry. 

Starting from statistical data like the number of key passes, interceptions, short passes, long shots, dribbles etc to deep analytical aspects such as accuracy of major attributes, most suited position, performance curves and much more. Our innovative product can help players understand the true nature of their game and help them improve.

StepOut Sense helps players to realise their potential and improve their skills. It helps academies to provide their players with a progressive assessment of their individual games and manage their players so as to bring out the best in them. In the case, a player is performing poorly, we curate the analysis in a way it motivates him/her to do better.


StepOut Spotlight is dedicated to providing the young talents of our country, and the academies nurturing these talents the limelight they deserve. From curating techy match highlights to featuring the good performing players, interviewing them, creating beautiful stories of their journey, recording practice sessions and whatnot. Spotlight helps these young talents gain popularity the popularity they deserve and the academies to reach their target audiences through our social media handles, youtube channel, in-app featured contents and much more.

For our services to be operational, we require videos of all the matches to be analysed.

We will be providing you with a web application to host your tournaments/leagues/matches which the players will be able to see in their app. You will also be able to see, compare and analyse all the analytics of players, teams as well as matches from this platform. All the participating players can view their analysis from our app.



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